Article - How to Fix Your Marketing Predicament!


Article – How to Fix Your Marketing Predicament!

We see it virtually every week — a law firm, accounting firm or other professional services firm comes to Kevin Brown Marketing & Consultingwith one or problems that they created. Typically, the firm was “too busy to market,” trying to “save money” by doing it themselves …

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Five Top Sales Tips for Attorneys, CPAs & Other Professionals

Few professionals are full-time salespeople, yet all can benefit from learning and improving upon their selling skills. Don’t you want to bring in more business for your firm? Of course! So what can you do to improve your chances? How can you close deals, especially those that you may have lost before?

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Article – “Strategic Marketing is Cruical for Your Success”

Are you thinking “We’ve been trying several things in marketing but nothing seems to work. What are we doing wrong?” This question points out the importance of strategic marketing to any firm. Without a strategy, you essentially are wandering aimlessly in your search for revenue and profitability.

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Using Personal Coaches for Business Development

One significant change in marketing strategies during the current economic downturn is the rise in the use of “personal coaching” services. So what is a personal coach? Why should you hire a personal coach? And if you want to hire a personal coach, what criteria should you use in selecting one?

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Attracting New Clients Through Seminars

Seminars Are Back! For the last several years, fewer firms were putting on seminars, in large part due to the tough economy.  Also, many firms thought that they could reach prospects primarily through the internet instead of a more traditional approach of seminars. However, seminars are experiencing a significant up-turn – more and more firms […]

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