Speech "How to Maximize Your Internet Marketing"


Speech “How to Maximize Your Internet Marketing”

Kevin W. Brown, M.B.A. recently did a speech on “How to Maximize Your Internet Marketing” to the OC Specialty Lawyers Guild. Topics included: The Critical Role of Strategic Planning, Integrated Internet Marketing …

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Why a “Full-Service” Marketing Firm is Important to You

Since marketing is the broadest business discipline, there are numerous techniques available. Each has its own attributes and drawbacks. So, which is best for your situation? 

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Article – How to Fix Your Marketing Predicament!

We see it virtually every week — a law firm, accounting firm or other professional services firm comes to Kevin Brown Marketing & Consultingwith one or problems that they created. Typically, the firm was “too busy to market,” trying to “save money” by doing it themselves …

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Developing a Marketing Plan for 2017

If you want to be successful in marketing over the long-term, your firm needs a plan.  Are you ready to start on your Strategic Marketing Plan for 2017?  Learn more about the process of Strategic Marketing Planning by reading this article …

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Is your website generating new business? 4 steps to do so ..

You’ve probably noticed that some of your competitors are “all over the internet” and are growing and prospering. What can you do to improve your results?

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