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Why Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting was Founded in 1991

In an interview with Kevin W. Brown, M.B.A., he explained why he formed his firm …

Specialists needed!
When I was Director of Marketing at Deloitte & Touche in Orange County, California (the largest professional services firm, by far, in the county), I saw a huge need for a full-service marketing firm that truly understood the needs of CPAs, lawyers and other professionals. Unfortunately, there was no such firm that we could find at the time.

In my position, I had the opportunity to interview the “best” public relations and advertising firms in the area. Unfortunately, I found that these firms didn’t come close to understanding the services offered by professional services firms, much less how to market us.

Marketing professionals needed!
Furthermore, no matter whom we interviewed, when we asked them a general question, such as “What is the best way to build our image in the marketplace?,” invariably their answer always came back to the product that they sold. They were just trying to pitch their product, not serve our needs! In other words, the advertising agencies’ answer was always “advertising!” and the PR firms’ answer was always “public relations!” None of them understood the full scope of marketing, so none could give advice that actually fit our situation — their advice was merely selling their own service. As a marketing professional, I knew that there were other answers, because marketing is the broadest business discipline and there are numerous techniques available, not just the limited services they were trying to pitch.

Strategists needed!
Eventually, we hired the “biggest and best” PR firm in Orange County. But all that we got was an “order taker” — since they didn’t understand our business, they rarely came up with ideas. They just did what we told them to do, as best they could. I also found that I constantly had to re-do their work. Again, since they didn’t understand a CPA firm, it was all “theory” to them. For every hour that they billed us, I had to spend an hour redoing their work. It was very frustrating.  A key reason was because the PR and advertising companies were staffed by “journalism” and “communications” majors, not business or marketing majors.  So they didn’t really understand how a business runs and how to help it, much less a professional services practice.  No wonder they couldn’t develop good strategies!

Full-service needed!
So I saw that there was a major need for a marketing firm that could truly understand the intangibles of a professional services firm, then market it effectively. I also saw that there was a need for a “full-service” firm that could offer the entire range of marketing services that a professional services firm might need. Finally, I thought that since there were part-time CFOs who saved companies the full-time cost of a highly qualified employee, why not have a part-time marketing director?

I did some research and couldn’t find another firm in the nation that was doing what my business would do. This was a risk but I felt sure that it would work! So, in 1991, I ventured out with Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting. From the beginning, I developed many new, innovative concepts and techniques that are proprietary to my firm. From the day that I opened my doors, I started with serving Deloitte & Touche and premier law firms, banks, insurance brokerages, investment bankers and financial services firms. Law firms quickly became my biggest base of clients because of their need for professional marketing assistance. There was (and is) an obvious need for my firm’s services!

From the outset of my firm, I developed the slogans “The Specialists in Professional Services Marketing™” and “The Specialists in Law Firm Marketing™”. We feel that we can serve those markets as well or better than anyone. I also developed the unique term “Part-Time Director of Marketing™” for our service — as far as I know, mine was the first firm in the U.S.A. to offer this service.

Now, over 25 years later, we’ve served hundreds of satisfied clients. We’ve been richly blessed and look forward to continuing serving our wonderful clients. We thank you for your business!”

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