Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting is pleased to serve clients of all sizes with a wide variety of needs.  Our 20-plus years of being in business are a testimony to our clients’ satisfaction.

Our focus is on delivering the highest quality of service with courtesy and professionalism.  Not only do clients appreciate it, they are a constant source of referrals to new clients for Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting!

Here are just a few of our clients’ testimonials:

• “The Strategic Marketing Plan that you did has really helped our firm to maintain a focus on key objectives and achieve them.  As a result, we’re growing dramatically.”

• “The workshop was exactly what we needed.  The materials, presentation and interaction were top-notch!”

• “The litigation practice has exploded (in a good way).  It is amazing – the volume of work is overwhelming. No complaints, of course.  Just letting you know your marketing is paying off.”

• “The targeted marketing program that you did for our firm has paid off beyond measure.  It helped us gain several major new clients, add personnel and grow significantly.  I just wish we would have hired you sooner!”

• “Kevin Brown is a brilliant marketing pro who is able to manage multiple projects without ever losing sight of the big picture. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking to grow their business and differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace.”

• “Thanks, again, for all your work.  I simply would not be getting this exposure without your good efforts.”

• “My firm has been in business since 1986 and achieved much success during that time.  I hired Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting to help grow my firm, especially with our strategic direction and to enhance our branding and positioning.  Within three years of hiring Kevin’s firm, we have increased our staff from three to seven and more than doubled our revenues.  I have been more than pleased with the results!”

• “The website has generated very favorable responses.  I really like the looks, content that you wrote, and how easy it is to navigate.  Excellent job!”

• “The newsletters continue to be exceptional.  We could not do it with your design, copywriting and management of the whole process.”

• “ All of the marketing materials are extremely well-written and the graphics are perfect for our firm.”

• “We love the branding campaign that you did for us!  We now look as good as our services rendered.”

• “The logo perfectly represents the image that our firm wanted.  Great work!”

• “Your advertising campaign has already paid dividends.  I just got a new client call from an attorney in OC who saw the ad and wants to refer a case to me.   Not bad for one week of one advertisement, huh?  Awesome job, Kevin!”

• “The combination of techniques that you implemented, combined with your strategic guidance, has paid off in a big way for our internet campaign.”

• “Your strategic guidance has been invaluable.  We’re on-course to meet our objectives, thanks to you.”

• “I am doing a presentation at the US Dept of Labor — one of their employees was at a presentation I did and went back to tell the boss that they should have me come in and do training for them.  It has also resulted in my retention by the DOL on a case in Washington DC.  This would not have happened without you.”

• “The article that you arranged to be published has been out for a few weeks and I just got an engagement as a result.  So, a big ‘Thank You’ to you for making that happen.  It worked!”

• “My presentation today was a homerun.  I really liked the content flow, the layout and the way you reorganized the subject matter.  The feedback mechanism that you put in place was excellent.  I just wish that I would have hired you 20 years ago!”

• “Thank you very much for making the trade show materials happen. Everything looks great!  We could not have done this without you. You can even use that as a testimonial.”

• “Yet another speaking opportunity from your efforts.  The committee chair loved the media package.  He raved about it several times in our conversation.  Thank you yet again.”

• “Your strategic guidance and sound advice was crucial for our decision-making at the retreat.  Super job.”

• “Your turnaround consulting saved our company.  Without it, we would not be in business.”

• “Regarding the speech that I gave yesterday, looks like I will get some clients already!  I would not have had a shot without the exposure these speaking dates have given me.  Thank you for making them happen!”

• “I haven’t had time to call you and personally thank you for the client relations project. Your contribution has been invaluable.  From all of us here, thanks to you and your staff.”

• “Without your firm we would never have got this project done.  Thanks!”