Trying to copy us? We're flattered!


Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting is “…copied by more competitors across California and the nation than any other firm …”

Why does our competition try to copy Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting?

Simply because they know that we are the best at what we do.

In 1991, Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting was founded with the primary purpose of serving CPAs, lawyers and other professional services firms.  From the outset, we developed numerous unique approaches that were gained from in-house experience (read about our history).  Since that time, innumerable “marketing” firms across California and the nation have tried to copy us — but no one can duplicate our firm, try as hard as they might.

Of course, we realize that copying is the greatest form of flattery.  Does it bother us?  Sure, in that others try to take credit for concepts that we developed years before they were even in business.  However, regardless of their best copying efforts, no one can copy our expertise, knowledge, experience and ability to deliver superior services!

Not to worry — most of our competitors come-and-go within a few years.  Unfortunately, they often leave a bad impression of the marketing profession in their wake, as many of their previous clients grew dissatisfied and disillusioned with their inferior performance.  Instead, we encourage you to seek assistance from “The Specialists in Professional Services Marketing™” Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting.

How our competitors fail — miserably!
Search the internet and you’ll easily find dozens of firms who have copied our website and brochure content (which we developed years before they were even in business)!  But these imitators’ websites are usually just words, not actual performance. Dig deeper — you’ll find that they CAN”T compete directly with us! You’ll likely see that these companies:

· Are not true marketing consultants — many lack a formal education in marketing and even more do not have the broad depth of experience required to be a true marketing consultant.
· Are often merely public relations firms (but they use the term “marketing” to suit their purposes).
· Are sometimes only advertising agencies (but try to pass themselves off as “marketing consultants”).
· Often can’t even define the term marketing — ask them!
· Are sometimes headed by individuals who never took a class in marketing (some don’t even have degrees in anything close to the field!).
· All too often they don’t understand the full scope of marketing — they actually only have expertise in one or two areas of marketing.
· Don’t really specialize in law firms, CPAs and professional services marketing.  If they “say” they do, ask for a client list!
· Typically lack business management expertise.  They come up with “pretty” marketing campaigns that don’t work in bringing in business.  Ask if they have a degree in business management.

Don’t fall prey to the imitators!
Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting was founded in 1991 and offers credentials unsurpassed by few if any competitors across the country.  Contact the best in the business and see how we can help!