Who We Serve


Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting is widely recognized as the premier marketing firm in Southern California specializing in serving professional services firms.   We understand how to market professionals, from the smallest to the largest firms, as few others do!

We serve:

♦ Lawyers
♦ CPAs
♦ Financial services firms
♦ Asset Management
♦ Investment Advisors
♦ Stockbrokers
♦ Insurance brokerages
♦ Banks
♦ Real estate professionals
♦ Environmental consultants
♦ Engineers
♦ Benefits Consultants
♦ Human Resources Consultants
♦ Payroll
♦ Billing Companies
♦ Staffing
♦ Management Consultants
♦ IT/Computer Consultants
♦ Physicians
♦ Surgery Centers
♦ Healthcare Consultants

Our clients include some of California’s most well-known firms as well as many smaller firms.  We also serve selected clients across the nation — work that has been gained due to our reputation and expertise.   These companies typically have revenues from $1-100 million.

One of the key strengths of Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting is our unmatched ability to serve this array of professionals, since they all network with each other and want to know how to market their expertise to colleagues.  Attorneys want referral relationships with CPAs.  CPAs seek referrals from bankers.  Financial advisors want a network of insurance agents, estate planners and accountants.  The list goes on.  At Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting, we have worked closely with all of these professionals for over 20 years.  We know what they are looking for and how to market your practice.

Kevin W. Brown, M.B.A. worked at some of America’s most highly respected companies in commercial banking (Bank of America), mergers and acquisitions (Geneva) and public accounting (Deloitte).   He has built relationships with top-end business professsionals and knows what it takes to market your practice to other professionals, as well as to business owners and consumers.

Contact us to find out more about how we can serve your unique needs!