Outsourcing of Marketing Projects



We offer virtually every marketing service that your firm might need. Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting’s reputation is based upon delivering high-quality services with expertise, courtesy and professionalism.

We work on a project basis with clients on the following types of engagements: 

Marketing Materials & Graphic Design
Branding & Positioning Consulting
Design, Copywriting & Printing
     •  Brochures & Sales Materials
     •  Logo Design
     •  Corporate Image Packages
     •  Website development
     •  Internet Marketing
     •  Newsletters
     •  Direct Mail
     •  Proposals & Statements of Qualifications

Display Ads
     •  Newspapers, Magazines, Periodicals
     •  Ads for Trade / Organization Publications
          – Sponsorship and Congratulatory Ads
          – Professional Announcements
Internet Advertising
Radio & TV Advertising

Public Relations & Publicity
Media Relations
     •  News Releases, Articles, Quotes
Event Management & Marketing
     •  Events:
          – Speeches / Presentations / Seminars
          – Trade Shows / Conferences
          – Mixers / Receptions
          – Open Houses / Client Events
     •  Support Services:
          – PowerPoint Presentations
          – Speaker Coaching
          – Promotional Products
          – Sales Materials & Handouts
          – Follow-Up Sales Activities

Client Relations
Client Service Training
Communication Programs
Client Relationship Interviews
Client Satisfaction Surveys

Contact us for more detailed information on any of these services.

Other Services:
Strategic Business Advisory Services
Part-Time Director of Marketing™ Service