Many firms have tried some form of advertising but have not achieved the desired results. Why? The underlying reasons are usually twofold: first, their strategy neglected fundamental advertising principles and, second, they lacked the internal or external resources to implement an effective campaign.

Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting brings a business perspective to the process of developing advertising programs — we are not interested in designing dazzling advertisements that fail to bring results. We have developed a systematic, seven-step approach for advertising campaigns. Our clients realize the benefits of advertising designed and implemented by professionals.

We research and write copy for advertisements specifically tailored for either firm-wide marketing or practice area marketing. We have written advertisements for dozens of practice areas and numerous client industries and targeted markets.

Graphic Design
We design a wide range of advertisements for different uses. We add tremendous value, gained through developing thousands of pieces, in preparing designs based on your firm’s culture, desired image and targeted market. Whether you want a highly creative or conservative advertisement, we have the capabilities to serve you.

We are experienced in developing effective programs utilizing the following advertising vehicles:
• Internet and Mobile Advertising
• Display Ads
• Magazines
• Ads for Trade / Organization Publications
   – Sponsorship and Congratulatory Ads
   – Directories
   – Professional Announcements
• Advertorials
• Newspapers
• Radio & TV Advertising
• Yellow Pages

Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting has developed advertisements for firms of all sizes, focusing on cost-effective campaigns on limited budgets.

Please contact us regarding your next advertising campaign.

Other Services:
Outsourcing of Marketing Projects
Strategic Business Advisory Services
Part-Time Director of Marketing™ Service