Branding & Positioning


Do you feel that your firm is “no different from any other firm” in your area of practice?  Do you have trouble setting your firm apart from the crowd?  A key reason for your problems may be Branding and Positioning!

All marketing communication from a firm must effectively communicate the firm’s differentiating characteristics (i.e., key selling points), culture and ability to serve the firm’s targeted markets.  All of these elements, plus more, are part of developing Branding and Positioning strategies.

How Do We Help You?
Our goal is to develop superb marketing pieces that meet your needs, while limiting the use of your valuable time.  Toward that end, Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting makes the process easy: we consult with you on strategy, research and write the content for marketing materials (website, brochures, etc.), handle all aspects of design, prepare the artwork, and handle final production/publishing.

The strength of Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting is based upon Kevin W. Brown, M.B.A.’s twenty-plus years of experience in working in the professional services firms arena.  Kevin understands professionals, having worked with over 1,000 lawyers/CPAs/financial services/insurance/other professionals, and has dedicated countless hours to the business community through speeches, seminars, articles and board membership in marketing associations.

Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting makes the process easier for clients through consultations and interviews, and by providing helpful materials, such as worksheets to better define a client’s unique attributes (improving the material’s effectiveness).  Some of the issues we address include:

· Targeted marketing
· Branding and positioning strategies
· Market needs analysis

We research and write materials specifically tailored for either firm-wide marketing or practice area marketing.  We have written materials for dozens of practice areas and numerous industries and targeted markets.

We design a wide range of marketing materials for different uses.  We add tremendous value, gained through developing thousands of pieces, in preparing designs based on your firm’s culture, desired image and targeted market.  Whether you want a highly creative or conservative piece, we have the capabilities to serve you.  For example:

· Logos
· Brochures, flyers, folders and inserts (print or e-versions)
· Newsletters (print or e-versions)
· Advertisements (on-line or print)

Please contact us for more detailed information.

Other Services:
Outsourcing of Marketing Projects
Strategic Business Advisory Services
Part-Time Director of Marketing™ Service