Client Relations Programs


Are you confident that your clients are satisfied with your firm’s services, responsiveness and fee structure?  Do your clients provide referrals to you?  Are your clients using other professionals for services that your firm could perform?  Have you experienced an unsettling trend of client turnover?  If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” your firm should consider Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting’s Client Relations Programs.  Our services include:

Client Service Training
Keeping an existing client is a lot cheaper than getting a new one. Although many professionals provide excellent client service, a key aspect of Client Relations Programs is that continuous improvement in client service should be the norm, not the exception. We provide motivating, high-energy workshops with extensive materials to help in improving your level of client care.

Communication Programs
We assist clients by developing effective Communication Programs that can result in increased client retention, referrals and new business. These might include actively communicating to your clients via informative seminars, e-communication, newsletters, regular correspondence, scheduled phone calls, sending articles, focused partner involvement, media quotes, publicity, announcements, etc.

Client Relationship Interviews
Client Relationship Interviews are face-to-face “client service feedback” meetings with clients. They can be tremendous tools to improve service delivery, increase client retention, gain useful input on expanding or developing new practice areas, and generate more work from clients. Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting has developed a highly productive methodology to prepare, implement and follow-up on Client Relationship Interviews. Through this service, we help our clients to improve all aspects of service delivery and maximize their business relationships with their clients. We provide crucial strategic guidance, utilize surveys and/or client interviews to gain client input, and help clients restructure their organization to make the needed changes.

Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting designs these programs, can personally conduct the interviews (or train your personnel), analyzes results, and provides recommendations for service improvement and new business generation. We provide you with written training materials, checklists and forms to make this program as successful as possible.

Client Satisfaction Surveys
Effective Client Satisfaction Surveys can help management understand client needs, identify problems and opportunities, and develop and evaluate courses of marketing action. As a third party resource, Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting can uncover useful information that you may not otherwise be able to find. We custom-design surveys specifically for your client base and your objectives.

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