Publicity & Media Relations


Superior expertise, lower costs.

Is it important for the business community in your area to be familiar with your firm and its capabilities?  Do you face an image problem that needs to be corrected? Do you want to be perceived as an expert in your field?  If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then you could benefit from an effective publicity program.

Publicity programs utilize media relations and other “third party perspective” communication vehicles to establish and enhance a company’s image.  They can reach a large cross-section of the local business community or be directed to specific segments.

Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting is experienced in designing and implementing successful publicity programs.  Instead of merely increasing the market’s awareness of our clients, we develop programs that influence perceptions, attitudes and comprehension.  This approach helps persuade the marketplace to purchase our clients’ goods and services. 

We work with local, regional and national media, depending upon the client’s needs. Our publicity programs include:

Media Outlets:
   – Internet
   – Newspaper and magazines
   – Trade publications
   – Radio
   – Television

Media Relations:
   – Media kits
   – News releases
   – Feature articles
   – Interviews/quotes
   – Publicity-oriented surveys

Other Communication Vehicles:
   – “Reprint” brochures
   – Direct mail
   – Video

We believe that the most productive publicity programs are carefully planned, successfully implemented and sustained over time.  Our many years of business experience are a crucial element in creating publicity concepts that are interesting and informative to the business community.

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