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As a corporate image statement, it is crucial that your firm’s website is visually attractive, rich in useful and interesting content, designed with logical navigation, and built around fundamental marketing concepts.  Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting applies our business expertise in strategy, market analysis, content and design in developing effective websites that are professional-looking and bring results.  We design sites specifically tailored to your chosen target markets  (demographic by industry, profession, income, age or other criteria).

“Integrated Internet Marketing”
At Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting, we use our strategic marketing expertise to develop an “Integrated Internet Marketing” program for your firm, combining and leveraging numerous techniques to maximize your investment.  Uniquely, we can develop branding/positioning strategies, write website text, create your logo, design a custom site that represents your firm, market it to the major search engines – and help with other internet techniques, such as e-newsletters, article placement and advertising in on-line directories.  We’re your one-stop-shop for internet marketing!

Website Development:
Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting focuses on designing websites that meet your specific objectives.  Some firms want highly creative designs that stand out in the marketplace, while others want a conservative look.  Other firms seek to gain significant new business through having a website, while others use it as primarily a client relations vehicle.  Most firms appreciate having a design that complements existing corporate materials, so that there is consistency for branding and image building purposes.   We discuss these and other options with each client at the outset of the design process.   Our design services include:

· Developing an entirely new website

· Fixing your current website, including navigation improvements, enhanced graphics, new photos, and rewriting/updating the content.

· Creating mobile sites

· User-generated content:  Whether your desire is for blogs, webinars or other interactive content, we can help.

· Clients-only privacy: We offer capabilities to help your clients access and send sensitive information in a secure structure.  This can include documents, surveys, secure communication, and billing and payment systems.

· Social media campaigns, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

· Search engine optimization integration

From concept to completion, Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting works with you on branding and positioning, design, content development and marketing your website..

Branding & Positioning:
Many of our clients are not prepared to provide all the necessary information in order for us to design a website, such as effective text on their firm, identification of targeted markets, or an eye-catching logo.  As a value-added feature for these clients and in addition to our website design services, Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting offers a breadth of capabilities that can prove to be crucial for an effective website:

· Strategic consulting:  These services include consulting on issues that are crucial to effective marketing, such as selection of targeted markets, identification of differentiating characteristics, preparation of mission statement, prioritization of services, and more.

· Text writing: These services are important for those firms that do not have effective text written on their services and other features.  Clients value our unparalleled expertise gained in researching and writing countless websites over the last 20+ years.

· Logo and image building:  If your firm needs to revamp its logo and corporate color scheme, it is better to have it done before you complete a web site.  We have provided these services to over 100 clients.

· Graphics and design features that are distinctive and blend well with the firm’s overall branding.

Internet Marketing:
· High-value content: We help to develop ongoing content that can drive traffic to your website. This can include blogs, webinars, articles, new posts, calculators and other resources.

· Search engine optimization:  Depending upon the client’s needs, we offer a high-level of SEO support that can help you to achieve your search engine ranking objectives.

· E-newsletters:  We make the process easy!  We help develop content, design your e-newsletter and distribute it.

· Advertising:  Whether through search engines, banner ads, on-line directories or other techniques, we help you to achieve your objectives.

· Publicity:  We help you to write articles and find on-line publications for them, helping to get your name out and demonstrate your expertise!

· Monthly Maintenance:  On a contract-basis, we offer monthly updating of text (such as input of e-newsletters, firm news, seminars, etc.) and other revisions to the site.

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