Business Development: Strategy, Training, Coaching & Management Systems


Business Development: Strategy, Training, Coaching & Management Systems

Should more of your personnel become involved in marketing?  If so, how can their time and efforts be maximized?  Are all your partners carrying their weight?  These questions are faced by our clients on a regular basis.    Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting adds value to this process, offering years of experience in helping clients to maximize individual marketing efforts.  Our assistance includes:

Rainmaker & Business Development Training
Do your personnel need to improve their skills in generating new business?  If so, Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting’s “Rainmaker & Business Development Training” may be the solution for your firm.  We offer numerous workshops on a variety of topics, covering everything your professionals need to know to get started, networking to professional selling skills.  Over 1,000 Southern California attorneys, CPAs and other professionals have attended our training sessions.  These training sessions are provided at your offices.   

Business Development Meetings
With over 20 years experience in organizing and leading practice development meetings, Kevin W. Brown, M.B.A. is able to help clients maximize this time commitment. 

Partner Retreat Facilitator
Whether as the retreat facilitator (i.e., when it is appropriate to have a third-party lead the retreat) or as a instructor or leader for a certain portion of the retreat, we can help to make your retreat successful. 

Performance Evaluation & Compensation Systems 
Motivation is a key to any individual’s marketing efforts.  For many of our clients, this necessitates a revamping of existing performance evaluation and compensation systems.  It also requires a careful assessment of firm cultural change issues, and tactful implementation of the program, so as to provide a positive response and enthusiastic acceptance of the new systems.  

Accountability & Tracking Systems
We develop systematic approaches to manage your personnel’s marketing efforts, helping them to be consistent and more productive.  

Alignment with Firm Strategy
We believe that your personnel will be significantly more productive if their marketing efforts are tied in with firm-wide marketing goals and strategies.  We work closely with our clients to maximize this crucial interrelationship. 

Personal Marketing Plans
Attorneys/CPAs/professionals generally have little time available for marketing efforts, so it better be used wisely.  Through our unique process, individuals are able to be improve the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, while appropriately managing the use of their time and financial resources.  Our goal is to help you work smarter, not harder. 

Individual Coaching Sessions
We work with you on an individual, personalized basis to improve your success rate in sales calls, targeting prospective clients, presentation skills and branding and positioning.

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