Growth & Profitability Consulting


Professional advice is typically crucial to any firm’s success.  Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting offers a unique blend of strategic planning expertise, in-house marketing practical experience, and financial analysis. 

Kevin W. Brown’s background in banking, mergers and acquisitions and with a national accounting firm provides him with solid experience to help clients on critical issues.  Since he has seen companies succeed and fail, position themselves effectively for acquisition, acquire debt or equity financing – along with numerous other scenarios – Kevin offers guidance that his clients find to be very insightful and valuable.

We can work with your CFO/Controller on accounting and finance, or bring in outside professionals that we recommend.   Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting provides sophisticated yet practical approaches to solving your marketing and business management needs in:

Growth & Profitability Planning
Growth & Profitability Planning is an area in which an experienced consultant can potentially make a tremendous difference.  An outside professional can often pinpoint areas of improvement, and come up with excellent suggestions, in a manner that is hard to do for managers who are immersed with daily operations.  Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting works with clients to identify various aspects of their firm that could be improved, then helps as needed with implementation of the recommendations.   

Expansion/Downsizing Consulting
Whether your firm is in an expansion mode or contracting, specific business management techniques can be crucial to the success of your efforts.  We offer expertise in organizational planning and control, marketing planning, financial analysis, human resource issues, development of business plans, merger/acquisition analysis, and profitability planning.

Diversification Strategies
Are you looking to diversify your firm?  Expand to new markets?  Open a new division?  Start a new service or product line?  We can save you money and help with your success in these new enterprises.

Turnarounds & Restructuring
You may know that your firm needs major changes but figuring out what exactly what to do can be beyond your expertise.  A third-party can provide a very valuable perspective to this process.  We can offer numerous insights and suggestions to help with your situation. 

Merger & Acquisition Analysis
With our background in M&A work and business valuations, we can help you to analyze such transactions, including purchase of an existing firm, potential disposition of divisions, or the sale of your practice.

Marketing Audits
A marketing audit provides a comprehensive and independent evaluation of your firm’s marketing function. It is an effective tool in analyzing marketing strategy, activities and policies of the firm’s existing marketing practices.  This can be a critical step in determining what is going wrong with your firm’s marketing efforts, as well as setting the stage for evaluating possible future courses of action.

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