Marketing Analysis & Recommendations


Marketing Analysis & Recommendations

With over 25 years experience, Kevin W. Brown, M.B.A. is highly qualified to provide executive-level marketing advice.  Prior to starting his own business in 1991, he was Director of Marketing for Deloitte & Touche LLP-Orange County, where he created and managed a comprehensive Marketing Department.  Mr. Brown is a recognized marketing expert, author and frequent speaker to business and trade organizations. 

Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting provides sophisticated, yet practical, approaches to solving your needs in:

Marketing Audits
A marketing audit provides a comprehensive and independent evaluation of your firm’s marketing function. It is an effective tool in analyzing marketing strategy, activities and policies of the firm’s existing marketing practices.  This can be a critical step in determining what is going wrong with your firm’s marketing efforts, as well as setting the stage for evaluating possible future courses of action.

Industry & Competitor Analysis
Whether you need an in-depth analysis or a study completed on a specific issue, we offer research capabilities to analyze your industry or competition.

Market Assessment Studies
Success in marketing depends upon thoroughly understanding your targeted market.  We undertake research and advise you in this process, utilizing techniques to help position your firm for greater sales success.

Marketing / Sales Organization Analysis
Are your firm’s sales as high as they should be?  Do you frequently lose in bidding situations?  Do you gain new clients that soon prove to be unprofitable and time-consuming?  If any of these are relevant issues to your firm, chances are likely that your sales management process could be improved.

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