Operating Performance Consulting


Operating Performance Consulting

You want your firm to perform at an optimal level but if your expertise isn’t in business management the effort can be very frustrating.  Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting offers multi-faceted expertise that can prove to be invaluable in helping your firm achieve its performance goals.

Kevin W. Brown’s background in banking, mergers and acquisitions and with a national accounting firm provides him with solid experience to help clients in these issues.  As a banker, he worked with companies in evaluating their debt capacity, management capabilities and financial statements.  At a mergers and acquisitions firm, he worked with companies on a nationwide basis to develop marketing, financial, human resources and production strategies to improve their performance and business valuation.  Since that time, Kevin has helped numerous clients through Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting’s services, using this high level of expertise that is typically only found at very large firms.

We can work with your CFO/Controller on accounting and finance, or bring in outside professionals that we recommend.   Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting assists clients with a broad array of operational issues, including:

Operations Consultations
Owners can benefit from discussing the direction of their firm with a professional whose background includes banking, strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, and sales and marketing.  Depending upon your particular needs, these meetings can cover a specific issue or overall business strategy.

Business Plans
Our Business Plans are typically used as part of the effort to raise external financing, whether commercial loans or capital infusions.  Other clients request these Plans to improve the effectiveness of their management efforts or to develop a long-term strategic vision. 

Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting is uniquely qualified to assist in developing your firm’s business plan.  Our Business Plan engagements are handled entirely by Kevin W. Brown, M.B.A., a business professional with over 20 years experience in business management, including commercial lending with Bank of America.  Kevin’s banking background, combined with his in-depth understanding of marketing, provides tremendous value in creating plans that are highly effective.

Policies & Procedures Manuals
Does it sometimes seem like your management team is constantly “recreating the wheel?”  Do new personnel take too long to come-on-board, costing you time and money?  Are your personnel frustrated with your existing systems and procedures?  If so, Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting can likely make a huge difference for your firm.  We interview your management team, identify issues, and then develop systems designed for performance improvements.

Cost Management & Productivity
Working in conjunction with your CFO/Controller (or outside professionals that we can recommend), Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting identifies key areas that can potentially have a dramatic impact on your bottom line.  The goal is to help your firm to operate at an optimal level with the same or less resources.

Marketing / Sales Organization Analysis
Are your firm’s sales as high as they should be?  Do you frequently lose in bidding situations?  Do you gain new clients that soon prove to be unprofitable and time-consuming?  If any of these are relevant issues to your firm, chances are likely that your sales management process could be improved. 

Management Information Systems
Although our society is said to be in the “information age,” many firms lack useful information form management decision-making.  As a result, they may fail to capitalize on sales opportunities, damage client and referral source relationships, and impair financial success.  At  Kevin Brown Marketing & Consulting, our goal is to develop an MIS to match your requirements, avoiding the common problem of a cumbersome or inadequate system.  We identify the specific data needed, establish a data base, create reports, and implement procedures for ongoing maintenance. 

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